As part of CARES global commitment to improving the supply and installation of Post-Tensioning (PT) systems for concrete structures.  In developing the scheme CARES has engaged with all stakeholders including structural engineers, major contractors, clients, the Post-Tensioning Institute of Australia (PTIA) and the Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels (ACRS). This new product certification scheme includes both safety-critical installations as well as products entering the supply chain covered by ACRS certification.


Along with enhancing industry expertise, the scheme will complement ongoing activities by State and Territory governments to enhance quality control in built structures through digitalisation of supply chains and proven assurance measures.  CARES has conducted public consultations in March 2021 to better understand the needs and views of stakeholders and has reviewed stakeholder feedback after consultation.


CARES certification scheme for Approval of Post Tensioning Systems for Concrete Structures in Australia was launched in April 2021.

The objective of the scheme is to give confidence to the purchaser and user of PT products and/or associated services that the product and/or service complies with the appropriate specification without the need to undertake separate verification. It involves the application of quality assurance principles to assess the supplier’s quality management systems and, as appropriate, product testing, to ensure conformity with the requirements contained in the Scheme.

The scheme will complement ongoing activities by the State and Territory governments of Australia to enhance the quality control of built structures and the transparency of supply chains thorough digitalisation and other measures.

For information on the certification process please view the following webpage, Certification.

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